About Cyclical Consulting

In 2016, Bex Baxter initiated the development of a menstrual policy for Coexist. Inspired by Lara Owen’s research and approach, Bex invited her to advise on the policy. 

The project attracted unprecedented international media coverage and has had a powerful impact on starting conversations about the menstrual cycle at work. Bex did a widely-viewed TED talk on the positive effects of the policy on the organization. The policy informed Lara’s PhD thesis, in which she highlights ways that acknowledging embodied cycles can act as a corrective to capitalist norms. 

Our discussions and experience with the Coexist project led us to develop Cyclical Consulting to address the role of natural cycles on individual wellbeing, organizational sustainability and broader environmental concerns. 

Right now, our world faces multiple and unprecedented pressures. Individual and collective exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and structural breakdown are symptoms of deep imbalance in our current systems. 

At Cyclical Consulting, we work from the premise that integrating cyclical awareness into fundamental practices in communities, workplaces and other organizational contexts is a significant factor in creating a more sustainable world. 

From this position, we work to innovate and contribute to solutions through the restitution of cyclical knowledge and practice, in ways that are evidence-based in the contemporary world.