Our work

We help you design practices and policies for your specific situation.

We facilitate this process through several methods depending on your needs, such as:

  • An initial live brainstorming meeting via Skype/Zoom or in person depending on locations.
  • An initial questionnaire to find out more about the situation and aims of your organisation and members.
  • A session with the whole group that includes an inspiring and educational presentation on cyclical awareness and practices.
  • A bespoke programme including online sessions and/or in person workshops.
  • Ongoing contact while new practices and/or policies are bedding down, such as quick phone check-ins and longer follow-up coaching in group or individual sessions.
  • A virtual toolkit to support continuous learning.

Sample work plan for a menstrual workplace policy

The following work plan is from recent work with a client.


1. Meeting the Team:

A morning’s session of 2/3 hours. 

Includes 1-1 with members of staff and key management, a 1 hour group workshop to educate and raise awareness of biological systems.


2. Co-design: 

Once we’ve drawn out the needs of your organisation and employees, we go away and draw up a bespoke draft policy.


3. Evaluation:

A follow up of 2/3 hours approx 3 months later to see how the policy is bedding down. Again this involves speaking to individuals, and then bringing the group back together for a feedback and review workshop. 

The policy is then updated to incorporate these reflections.